COVID and the Kites Market

Methodologies of business are shifting because of covid. Now the setup has been transferred from work in an office to work from home. Big companies are hiring for work from home jobs. The concern of people has shifted, the traffic is low as employees are working from home itself. This pandemic has wiped $100 billion from the auto industry’s profit. This is because Online buying platforms are easily available to people. Any product is available at your doorstep. Business tactics and goals of several organizations have changed. No matter what the strategy is but you have to have in your mind that six feet distance during COVID is a must. Moreover, certain online buying platforms are not accepting cash. They only prefer payment through a card or digitally paying is also an available source. On the other hand, retail outlets are selling non-essential or luxury goods unrelated to the business of day-to-day living are suffering a big downturn in the trade because purchasing such items is not on the consumer’s radar at this time. Things have changed the business of online delivery platforms is raising upwards, on the other hand, other organizations like DMRC (Delhi metro railway corporation) have suffered losses due to Covid. Places like malls, parks, and even temples had experienced loss. People nowadays, find it much more convenient in buying commodities online due to the pandemic. The travel and tourism trade has of course taken the biggest hit, at a time when airlines and tour operators had already been going out of business. A typical economic zone has been carried out by the pandemic which is resulting in great economical losses for the nation and the common people. The price of a commodity has increased if we compare it to the price in the past, this all has happened because of the Pandemic.