How to make a kite

How to make beautiful kites

The making of kites.
A kite is a heavier device than air that is held to the earth by a line. The kite flies because wind resistance causes the air pressure under the kite to be greater than the air pressure above the kite, making the kite rise. This word kite is derived from the name of a bird belonging to a hawk family. Kites were invented in Asia, but in China, the kite has been claimed as the invention of the 5th-century according to the theories of Chinese philosophers like MOZI and LU BAN.

 For making your kite at home, you’ll need the following things: –

 1.) A strong plastic bag or paper decorated with your unique design.

 2.) A roll of electrical tape.

 3.) Two lengths of hardwood dowel (about 5 mm diameter), at least as long as your paper/bag.

 4.) A line (a strong and light synthetic thread)

 5.) A piece of wood and cardboard.

 6.) A ruler

 7.) Scissors

 8.) A black marker pen

 9.) A small wood saw or a carving knife.

 There are many world records involving kites. The world’s Largest kites are inflatable single-line kites. The world record for the largest kite flown for at least 20 minutes is “The Flag of Kuwait”.